Hello I’m Mark Mathis IV, a Graphic Designer from Iowa, with four years of experience designing for individual clients and companies in many different markets. If you would like to work together, please feel free to contact me@mcmiv.com

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I begin with the mindset of maximizing opportunity. I take a presented idea, I look at it specifically, and think about what the best possible outcomes are. Below you will find a selection of my logo designs using this process.
ccc logo

Clic is a non-profit who works with at risk teens and pre-teens. Through the use of technology (mainly computers and coding) they inform them of the benefits in tech and foster their interests as they grow. We were approached to design a new logo and create a visual identity for the business.

Since their business is unique to the area the door was open to set standards for their branding. I opted to take advantage of a light sans serif because it allowed me to make better use of shapes that represent movement. Their audience is young and we decided to use some lighter shades to attract more attention and differentiate their business from other local non-profits directed towards the same age groups.

For their tagline I decided to use “Helping your goals clic with your future”. The reasoning: no matter what situation the children are in, they have personal goals for the future and, by fostering their spark of creativity in tech, Clic pushes them forward to those goals for their future. This statement singles them out and is directed at the children themselves.


LGBTQ IA is a small friendly group of individuals, participating in local events and educating others about the LGBTQ community in Iowa. I was inspired by their goal, which is directly related to the confusion behind the definition of their acronym. I used overlapping shapes with multiple colors (directly referencing their classic rainbow colored flag) to illustrate the idea that it’s not a grouping of separate individuals but, instead, a collective of friends and family all coming together for a positive goal.

The choice to add in the outline of Iowa instead of the standard “IA” was intentional. I wanted to illustrate the ripple effect that one change can have on a community; using their multi-colored flag as inspiration.

Simple but striking, light hearted and together, across Iowa as one. I truly enjoyed creating this logo for such a great group.

IFS Logo

Three concepts for Iowa Fire Safety, an Iowa company that has a number of services ranging from informational sessions to physically installing alarm systems in homes and businesses.

Each idea is my take at accomplishing their goals: modernize their logo and touch back on some nostalgia. The first is a nod to the original logo and inspired by their company history, the second is a throwback to original fire alarms (which we all so fondly remember from elementary school), the third is more modern and representational of the iconic blinking red light for ceiling alarms.

ccc logo

One concept for the event Corridor Cars and Coffee an event held at the Newbo Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It's an outlet for car collectors and restoration gurus to gather together and network. I wanted to illustrate the motion of the cars and, at the same time, work within the modern and mildly trendy design style of the area.

Crazy Good Meats Logo

Crazy Good Meets provides a wonderful selection of locally made, and produced, processed meat products. They requested a logo that emulated their strength and passion for their business. I wanted to harness this strength so I chose a thick sans serif to accomplish this. I didn’t want the serif to stand on its own so I opted to use a paintbrush style font in order to illustrate the wildness of the company.

Since their product is placed in local Iowa convenience stores I wanted them to be striking and stand out in the crowd. I chose a lime green and black to accomplish this after visiting a few of the locations that were scheduled to carry their products.


Web Design

Discovering the correct definition for the client's needs before ideation, prototyping and implementation of the design is an essential part of the process.

Arctic Explorer is a non-profit group of guides with an eco-friendly purpose. They want to clean up the world and are devoting their proceeds to improving the areas they explore. After discussing the goals of the project with its founder, I implemented modern design trends that speak to their main audience through masking the header image with shapes similar to mountains.

Snow Explorer Full Mockup


The team at Janssen came to me with their website design request: a clean site that had an image carousel and worked well on mobile. Over the course of two weeks I helped them flesh out the purpose of those needs and then built the site utilizing bootstrap as a framework. The project required major organization of images, content, and site structure.

Janssen Waterproofing Mobile Mockup


Internal Work

Allegra 35th Anniversary Open House project
Allegra 35th Logo

2016 marks the 35th year for the Cedar Rapids branch of Allegra. They are a print and Marketing company, with clients and companies in various industries. I was asked to design a new logo for the 35th anniversary.

The logo is my take on classic centennial logos. Since the corporate logo is a color spectrum, we needed a stark contrast that worked well. I reached out and worked with my team for multiple color combinations.

To further balance out the contrast of the color spectrum in the corporate logo I chose a sans serif typeface and the collateral look professional and iconic.

Allegra 35th Logo

I created a logo concept with branding and collateral examples. My favorite part of the project was designing paper airplanes based off of the 35th branding. It allowed me to literally think outside of the box and design a product (rather than a page). Also, it's an interesting feeling seeing a logo you've created on chocolate coins.

A Concept

For our yearly calendar, I was asked to create a few themes with a quick turnaround. The design plays off 'ink' and 'color' aspects in the printing world.



Visualizing your mutual goals - Taking advantage of unseen opportunities is how the greatest companies gain affluence. It is my passion to harness these opportunities for clients and businesses.
Fresh Digs

Fresh Digs is an interior design consulting agency. After designing their logo and working directly with the client to choose colors for their brand, we created logo samples and real world applications of their brand in a real-world space.

Heels for Hope

Deaf Iowans Against Abuse is a non-profit organization that assists deaf, and hearing-loss, individuals in the local Cedar Rapids community. Their event, Heels for Hope, is a one mile walk in heels. This event is directed and driving awareness of some difficulties others might not be aware of. After coming up with the concept and branding, for the logo and collateral, I showed them some examples of where they should direct their advertising budget.

Together Logo

DIAA has events and campaigns that they direct toward specific issues as well as individual groups. The together campaign is influenced by Hellen Keller and her “Together” quote. They asked for a modern take and a “phrasemark” which was a welcome challenge.

After I was shown some sign language for the words Together, Community, and Connected, I illustrated the image of cupping hands and took inspiration from modern abstract design styles, and Keith Haring, in order to also facilitate the shape of an ear in the palm of the hand.

Most of their clients are young and we chose a semi script font (complimented by a regular sans serif) in order to better represent connectivity.


An illustration I did for my family of Moe's BBQ, a favorite stop on our yearly gatherings.

Shell Logo

An example of logo recreation for a client who sells antique car memorabilia. Each request is completed over the course of an hour to two.